Our History

The church in Hico, TX began in the Spring of 1884. With the help of the visiting minister (Bro. Castleman), about 20 members organized into a local congregation of the Lord's body. On December 17, 1885 a man called Garrett gave land in the northern section of the city to erect a meeting place for their Christian church. It was a wooden frame building erected on North Mesquite St. under the shade of a great live oak tree. This building today stands as Hico's Senior Citizen's Center.

Sometime in the 1890's, John White became the preacher and preached for many years while the church continued to grow.

In 1896 the church was divided over the question of whether instrumental music could be added to the worship service. One side wanted the freedom to worship as they pleased and use instruments; the other side held firm to the pattern of worship in the New Testament. Many churches through out the country split apart. The church in Hico divided in 1896. Those who wanted to stay with the teachings of the New Testament left their building on the hill and moved to a piece of land donated by John White and built their second meeting house. It is here they first became known as the church of Christ. After several more years of preaching in Hico, John White died in 1931. Toward the end of the 1930's, the church faced the problem of becoming too large for their building. Jesse Bobo was asked to locate a larger building and worked out the purchase of the Presbyterian church building located at the present sight on North Pecan Street. The building and lot were purchased for 1,000 dollars on June 10, 1939. In the 1940's the congregation at Millerville began meeting with the church in Hico. Part of the building at Millerville was connected to the rear of the building in Hico to provide more classrooms.

During this time much of the preaching was done by Bro. Stanley Giesecke as well as several other men. In 1947, the average contribution was nearly $50.00 and the church decided to hire a full time evangelist. J.P. Williams was the first full time preacher for the Hico Church of Christ. He came in September 1947 and left in September 1948.

The subsequent preachers are as follows:

1948-1949 - Quentin A. Dunn

1950-1951 - Merle King

1952-1952 - Kenneth Mansur

1952-1955 - Lonnie Brannum

1955-1957 - J.B. Tomlinson

1957-1958 - Bobbie Connell

1959-1961 - E.A. Willingham

1962-1963 - Leon Fredrick

1963-1965 - Charles D. Wilson

Each served 1 to 3 years. In 1967 while Nelson Stark (1965 - 1969) was preaching, the old wooden building was replaced with a new brick building.

Following brother Stark came:

1969-1974 - Austin Emery, Jr.

1974-1975 - W.B. Howard, Jr.

1975-1976 - Bill Reese

1977-1980 - James Hawk, Jr.

1980-1982 - Ben McIntosh

1982-1984 - Ed Johnson

1984-1986 - Bill McKay

Harold Thurman came in 1986 and preached in Hico 8 years before retiring in 1994. While he was here, in 1990, elders were ordained for the first time in many years. Deacons were appointed shortly after.

Following brother Thurman came:

1994-2000 - Kevin Mackey

2000- 2006- Gary Montgomery

2006-2009 - Saul Blair

2009-2015 - Tim Ayers

2015-2018 - Brad Wangerin

2019-Current - Jim Nash