December 2015


This past year has been filled with so much of God�s grace and too many blessings to mention them all. We are grateful for the generosity and love of our Creator & Savior. We thank God in our prayers for your willingness to work with us and pray for us in this effort to start a new work here in the Phoenix area. We are striving to share the good news of our great Redeemer!

December is always an interesting month as we try to tie up and reflect back on the past year, but at the same time trying to dream and plan for the future of a new year.

The first weekend of the month we participated in the annual Salt River Community Parade of Lights. Amelia, who is one of our newest sisters who lives on the reservation, suggested we should enter the parade. Most of the congregation was able to help decorate the church van as a present along with lights and then we also made boxes for the kids to be walking gifts. The kids and brethren handed out over 500 flyers with the church’s information and a message telling that Jesus Christ is the greatest gift ever given, Romans 6:23. It

was good to see our little congregation step up and be a part of one of the largest gatherings on the reservation.

Another group function was a tour of the Wright House. The Camelback congregation invited us for the evening festivities of: a meal, a devotional and a tour of the historical house located behind the church parking lot. It was a beautiful six acre property with rolling grass hills, olive trees and well-kept pathways all nicely decorated with lights. We toured the house and had cookies and hot drinks for a "cold" night. Always a blessing to be with God's people.

The last gathering was a New Year's Eve party at our house. We had games, movies, puzzles, food, fireworks & time in prayer to give thanks and glory to the God who holds time in His hands

Most of the month was spent on the building project. As of today, we have passed two of the three inspections. The final inspection will happen when everything is done. That will give us our certificate of occupancy. Lord willing that will happen in the next two weeks. The last of the big tasks is the flooring. We have someone coming in to do the floors on Friday. All sheetrock, tape, texture, painting, ceiling repairs and floor repairs are complete. We have a lot of cleaning to do and some other minor jobs before the new carpet comes in, but we are very excited to get this finalized.

We want to thank all of the congregations and individuals that have gone above and beyond in the financial contributions and those that continue to go above and beyond in personal time contributions. We thank God for all your sacrifices and know that your reward is stored up for you.

As a family we had a wonderful holiday season. For Christmas, my parents as well as Divine’s brother and his family all came for dinner and gifts. We were also able to have our brother Juan join us for the Christmas meal. We love his humble spirit and his faithfulness to the Lord. My parents are doing well and as usual we enjoyed our time together. After Christmas we took the kids up to Flagstaff for a couple days - which was their gift. They went to a North Pole Experience which was enjoyable, they watched the new Star Wars movie, but their highlight of the whole trip was going sledding in the snow. There wasn’t a lot of snow, but we were able to find a nice place out of town that we had all to ourselves. It was COLD, so the snow didn’t have a chance to melt.

This trip was made possible by all of you that sent us some extra money for the Holidays! Thank you. We thoroughly enjoyed our time together making memories and building closer bonds. You are prayed for and appreciated.